The items are exclusively handmade and blown by our masters. Murano Più offers various solutions to its customers, based on their different ideas and needs. there is a line of exclusive articles in Murano glass for customers who love to surround themselves with beautiful and precious things, who are able to appreciate a work of art, furnishing their home with style and refinement. the products you can find are the consequence of a particular search made by carefully choosing the individual pieces from the various masters or making them realize on design, certifying them and then enlarging them with their own signature. the chandeliers, the mirrors, the glasses, the other blown ones are the maximum expression of a millenary tradition handed down from father to son with the same tools and the same techniques of the past.

The sculptures, vases and other objects of furniture represent instead the modernity of an art that has evolved, they are all signed by the masters, some of the past generations that have contributed to make this form of art unique in the world, other contemporaries who continue to deepen and implement the techniques and colors of the past. at the same time, the Murano Più to satisfy the demand for Murano glass accessories offers an elegant line of Murano glass jewelry. the Murano Più signature and guarantees in this case both the products of independent artisans and the products made by its design studio, always aware to produce and propose models in step with the trends, continuously researching new shapes and colors so as to make a particular in glass a jewel to wear every day. the Murano Più family is synonymous with quality, reliability and positivity.