Attention to details

Certification of originality on the processing techniques on each piece.

Authenticity and quality

Only Murano glass.

Multi-year experience

From 60 years at your service, generation by generation.

Welcome into the the world of Murano Più

The Murano glass specialists

Murano Più is a company with an identity and a soul shared between Rome and Venice. During many years of activity, with our creations exclusively in Murano glass, we have contributed to furnish palaces, residences, hotels, public facilities. Our Venetian masters create and realize each object by hand following the traditional and unchanged techniques and rules of the Muranese furnace. we continue to do this, always trying to improve us, with the smile and the professionalism of those who can be considered absolutely a specialist in the area.

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Our customers

Not only public figures and famous people from the world of politics, of entertainment and of sport, also we include among our customers the institutions and their palaces, foundations, big hotels, first level commercial activities:

  • Embassy of China
  • Embassy of United Arab Emirates
  • Embassy of Germany
  • Embassy of Lebanon
  • Embassy of Russia
  • Embassy of the United States of America
  • Bank of Italy
  • Cooperative Credit Bank
  • Vatican city
  • Constitutional Court
  • League of Arab States
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of the Interior
  • Polish Istitute
  • Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  • Presidency of the republic
  • Senate

Our products

“Red passion”

“A house in the night and a lamp that illuminates the room. There is no better place to feel safe.”
Fabrizio Caramagna.

“Rezzonico” nine-light chandelier with double castles and “cimiero” (crest) – red color with “pastoral” decorations.

What they say about us

Qualità senza paragoni in Italia. una garanzia che si tramanda nel tempo e il tempo racconta che da Murano Più si racconta l’arte e il made in Italy!

It’s one of the most fabulous stores In all of Rome. It’s a treasure trove of beautiful items from small gifts for yourself and others, to gorgeous home decor. Each unique as it is all hand blown murano glass. The people there are wonderful and helpful and speak various languages to help you in your search for that special piece. It is a place you have to go to when in Rome. It is something you will remember always. I treasure all the many pieces I have purchased from them and always will. Can’t wait to return to Rome for another visit to MuranoPiu’!

The excellence of venetian Murano glass in Rome , highly reccomended art Gallery

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