About us

The “Murano Più Made in Italy SRL” is founded at the end of 80s by a group of Venetian partners. it is the result of a professional experience that still continues today after 50 years between Murano, Venice and Rome. in the 1960s commercial growth was beginning to be consolidated. it will result in the Natolli family brand through the inauguration of a large gallery in Piazza San Marco in the center of  Venice. in addition to the magnificent showrooms, the art of glass was made clear through the use of a demonstration furnace. the next decade saw the establishment of a production center – furnace – on the island of Murano giving rise to creative collaborations with the masters.

At the same time the Roman galleries were inaugurated, always located in the historic center of Rome. They promoted the culture of glass in Rome. now in its third generation, it can be considered the first Murano glass center  in the capital, not only for its absolute competence in the field, but also for the variety of products and services it is able to offer. with its two stores  in the heart of the historic center, it is the commercial and artistic reference point in Rome. in fact you can found from the small souvenir to the large chandelier, passing through a wide assortment of glasses, mirrors, vases, sculptures, objects of furniture.